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(Aerial 17, Maddison 13, Elijah 11 & Noah 8).

Low Carb is how I dropped the baby weight & got in shape. I blog about livin' la vida low-carb in hopes of helping other mom's implement the lifestyle and lose the weight for good using "normal" people food and meal planning.

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lessons Learned

When I took a 4 month hiatus from Low Carb, I learned a LOT (to say the least), but here are the three most important. First, the energy alone from a Low Carb diet makes it worth it. Even if weight loss weren't a welcomed side effect. Second, this is a lifestyle change - not a destination. Feeling as though I had finally "arrived" to my goal weight, I found myself giving in and eating high carb foods. My energy levels plummeted, and I had an overall feeling of sickness after each high carb meal / snack. I started to pack on weight in my midsection again - and that's about all it took. As soon as I realized my clothes were getting tighter, I returned to the low-carb lifestyle and I'm never looking back. Third, my children are watching me. If I indulge in high carb foods and expect them not to do the same, it causes major resentment.

PS. I do break during Thanksgiving & Christmas to enjoy family, food & friends ;) Then get right back at it after those two Holidays.

I <3 Low Carb.

Feeling amazing!

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