Low Carb Mom's

Welcome! I'm a busy recruiter in Financial Services (LOVE it!) and a mom to four awesome kids:
(Aerial 17, Maddison 13, Elijah 11 & Noah 8).

Low Carb is how I dropped the baby weight & got in shape. I blog about livin' la vida low-carb in hopes of helping other mom's implement the lifestyle and lose the weight for good using "normal" people food and meal planning.

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About Me

Philadelphia is the legal first name, but everyone calls me Philly for short ;) I'm a work at home Recruiting Manager in Financial Services. I absolutely love it. I'm a mother to four awesome kids. After having the kids, I had a really difficult time losing the baby weight and regaining my pre-pregnancy figure. I tried a variety of diets, including Weight Watchers, Zone, Beach Body Slim In Six, etc. I found that my body would shrink, but a high percentage of body fat remained - and it was overall flabby & not cute at all. I was merely a thinner version of my fat self. I was hungry ALL the time and the more weight I lost the less food I was permitted. It wasn't what I was going for at all. Low-carb was the ONLY way for me to drop the fat, reshape my body, and still eat PLENTY of food (no starving on low-carb!! It's SO wonderful :)

My Dad had some wild success with Low-Carb dieting, so I decided to dive in and give it a shot. I found Jimmy Moore's www.LivinLaVidaLowCarb.com THE most helpful resource for getting started and staying motivated. Check it out - be sure to subscribe to his blog, podcasts, and join the forums ;) It helps to have other like-minded friends during your Low-Carb journey.

I hope this blog serves as a source of motivation, information, and inspiration for other mom's partaking in the Low-Carb lifestyle. Please subscribe & post comments. Feedback VERY appreciated ;)

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